Tell-Tale Heart-music never lies...  

There he came again!Obedient he was,as always…
Last time he gave an enigmatic, evil grin while passing through me…never since had I felt a curiosity of finding out about a human deeds.
Today but he seemed more dignified to me.The old man,there was something in him that made me-a piece of wood-feel like water boiling in a kettle.
-“Put it on the table.”said The old man
The old man made him pour the tea by sneering scornfully at him.
-“How can a cup of tea be as cold as ice.Don’t you know anything of love or…”Said the old man
-Or  it’s you being cold
-you silly boy…how dare you!
-You got the gentle hint I suppose.You could probably ignore that or you feel it already resided in your heart and you can’t help the reaction!
You cheeky…I pity my hands don’t offer me th

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my review of The Tell-Tale Heart  

[A letter to Mr. Poe]
[Saturday, Dey 2, 1396]
Edgar Allan Poe
My review of your story: the tell-tale heart
Dear Mr. Poe:
What is the line between the sanity and insanity? If one born sane, then suppresses his or her emotions and refuse to deal with them _consciously or subconsciously _until there is nothing left except a pile of putrid suppressed spirit, would that make one insane? 
By reading your story about a nervous man trying desperately to portray himself as a sane person, not a mad one, and persuading his readers that he is not mad by narrating an event from his past. He starts to tell his story of how he designed his wonderful plan to murder the old man of whose vulture-like eye he hates very much. After he succeeds in his plan to murder the old man.then he starts to hear a so

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